Ashley Gilbert

Soul Talk- What makes your heart beat?

Ashley Gilbert
Soul Talk- What makes your heart beat?

Ever had one of those moments, sitting in a coffee shop, just you and the Holy Spirit , and all of a sudden you have 3 people starring at the mascara running down your face because out of nowhere Jesus hits you with a "wow God is really cool" moment? 

Yeah, currently me. Its fine, i'm fine, Jesus is just insanely cool and I'm going to need you to buckle up because boy do I have some serious soul scripts to share today. I'm pumped y'all!!

So a lot of you soul sisters have been asking, "What do your devos look like in the morning?", and well, my answer is always, "...not very pretty". As much as I would love to say i'm the girl who wakes up with a smile, worship music, and a sweet cup of coffee on my lap..i'm really not. I'm the girl who literally rolls out of bed onto the floor, with messy hair, and tired eyes. And most days I just lay there, listening and talking with Jesus. It's messy, but it's a rhythm that happens daily. Side note: find your rhythm.

Anyways, today I woke up and things were a little different. The Holy Spirit kept whispering a soul-wrenching question. He asked, "What makes your heart beat?" It's definitely not everyday He speaks this clearly, but this morning He did. So i'm going to ask you, what makes your heart beat? 

It's a solid question, convicting and encouraging all at the same time when you really ask yourself. Go ahead, pause from reading and think about it. 

You see, I wrestled with the question for hours and eventually made a list (s/o to all the list makers out there). One list was filled with secondary things that made my heart beat (adventures, adrenaline, that cute boy, perfect insta pictures, Chick fil a lol, and teaching). But I knowwww non of these things are eternal or fully I went on a search for the ONE thing that makes my heart truly beat, my soul oxygen until the day I see Jesus face to face. 

What I found was wild.

Question: Do you ever read about people like Hannah, Paul, Peter, John, or Timothy and think, HOW HOW HOW do they do kingdom work so well? Or how are they so madly in love with Jesus? What is it that causes their heart to beat every morning?!

So I sat there, in our local coffee shop, reading story after story and scripture after scripture, and you know what made their heart beat the most? Get ready...

...the Gospel. That's it. The straight Gospel. 

Wild right? It was the Gospel that made these warriors get up every day, fall to their knees and say, "To live is Christ and to die is gain" (Phil 1:21) or "Greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world"(1 John 2:2).  

Can you imagine? Being so in love with the Gospel that is causes you to die to self

The Gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope. 

This should be the heartbeat of every sister, blood-bought saint, Christ following, Kingdom minded gal. But how? Sometimes the Gospel doesn't always get my heart beating or sometimes I feel like God and I aren't even on the same page? I get you girl. Me too. And that's okay. GRACE is really sweet (but that's a whole nother' blog). Anyways, the more I read, the more I noticed:

Two ways to get your heart beating.

1. Stay in WONDER (even when you're broken). 

- Go back to the time when the Spirit came into your life and said, "I'm gonna give you new life now", or remember the moment when you where walking your own way and all of a sudden this whole Jesus thing made sense. Reflect on the point in time when all of the "wows" of the world (which were so strong and tempting) suddenly began to fade away. Think back to the Sunday morning when all of a sudden God's word began to come alive. THESE were the moments when God brought you back to life. Stay in that wonder, stay in His love, + allow this to be your heartbeat. 

2. Walk in righteousness, walk in love (even when you can't hear Him). 

-Acts 2 is ALL about how Jesus is righteousness, and so are we! The true Gospel brings a conviction that drives people to rejoice, repent, or run away. There's no middle ground. The Gospel is an all or nothing kind of truth. So when you're walking with the Holy Spirit, and temptation arises, retract from sin as if your touching a hot stove. You ARE declared loved, redeemed, and set free. Live in righteousness, sis! I promise this will help your heart beat and keep your soul strong. 

So, as you go, allowing the Gospel to be your heart beat, waking up every day knowing who you are in Christ, I want to leave you with one last truth...

Life- Hillsong United. Give it a listen, find a quiet room, and pray that song over yourself. It's speaking new life into my bones in so many ways. 

I believe in you, girl and I am SO proud of the woman you are becoming in Jesus' perfect name <3 You're loved.